‘You can’t park here. Hey! Sir! I’m sorry, but you cannot park here. This place is reserved for the customers of our shop.’

‘I’m sorry, but I can’t see any sign. Show me the sign where it says that I can’t park here.’

‘There is no sign yet. We opened the shop a few days ago. We should have the signs here next week.’

‘OK. So next week, when I see the sign I will not park here.’

‘But I’m asking you to leave now. Please move your car to another parking lot.’

‘And where should I park my car? Look around, everything is full!’

‘I can see that and I am sorry that there is no place for you to park your car, but that is not my problem.’

‘No, it isn’t. Your problem is that you have no signs here. And so you cannot tell me to leave.’

‘Sir, if you do not move your car away, I will call the police.’

‘Go on, call them! I can’t wait for them to tell you the same thing. If you have no sign here, you cannot send me away.’

‘OK, I don’t have time for this. Park your car here now, but if you park here next week, I’ll call the police.’

‘If you have your signs up, I will not park here.’

sign /saɪn/ – značka, označenie

I can’t wait for them to tell you the same thing. – Neviem sa dočkať ako Vám povedia to isté.