‘What are they building here?’

‘I don’t know exactly. I think it will be a new shopping centre.’

‘Another shopping centre! They built one shopping centre last year! And it is not far from here.’

‘I know.’

‘Who goes there? Everybody says that people don’t have money.’

‘Yes, I know. I hear it all the time. But it is not true. People have money. Some people have a lot of money.’

‘I agree. Some people have a lot of money. And so they need another shopping centre. They need to spend their money there.’

‘Yes, people like spending money. Do you like shopping?’

‘Me? No way! I don’t like shopping at all. I only go to a shop, when I need to buy something. When I don’t need anything, I don’t go to a shop. And what about you? Do you like shopping?’

‘Sometimes I do. During winter I like going to shopping centres. I meet my friends there. We have coffee together. And sometimes I go to shops there and I buy something. But in summer, I don’t go to shopping centres at all. In Summer I spend my time outside on the bike or roller-blades.

all the time – stále

No way! – v žiadnom prípade

at all – vôbec (v zápornej vete)

And what about you? – A čo ty?