‘Is Lucy here?’

‘No, not right now.’

‘But she should be at work. Where is she?’

‘She is at work. I talked to her 5 minutes ago.’

‘OK, could you ask her to come to me when you see her again?’

‘Sure, I can do that. And if there is anything that I can help you with, just let me know.’

‘Thanks, Jane. I don’t think I’ll need your assistance today. Just do your usual work. I’m sure you have a lot to do.’

‘Yes, actually, I’m quite busy today.’

‘Good, so I will not disturb you. Just tell Lucy I was here.’

‘Ah, here she comes! Lucy, you couldn’t come at a better time!’

‘Why? What’s going on?

‘Lucy, I am looking for you to get some information.’

‘Oh, OK. I thought that someone died! You both look so serious…’

‘No, nobody has died, just relax.’

‘Good. So, how can I help?’

‘I had a phone call from Mr. Jim Stuart. He was talking about a new contract and that you are working on it. I didn’t know anything about it, so I told him that you would give him a call.’

‘Yes, I will certainly call him today. Next week, he is going on holidays and I would like him to sign the new contract by then.’

What’s going on? – Čo sa deje?

serious /ˈsɪəriəs/ – vážny

give him a call = call him

certainly /ˈsɜːtnli/ – iste

by then – dovtedy