‘Did you say something?’

‘No, I didn’t say anything. I am reading now. Did you hear something?’

‘Yes, I think I heard something. I thought that someone said something. Probably, I only imagined it.’

‘Probably. I didn’t say anything and there is nobody else here.’

‘Yes, I know. I am sorry. I didn’t want to disturb you.’

‘No problem. I can make a short break and we can talk a little bit about something.’

‘OK, fine. But first, I need to make some coffee. Do you want some coffee, too?’

‘Yes. Why not. I love coffee.’

‘I like coffee, too. Do you drink a lot of cups a day?’

‘I think so. I usually drink four or five cups of coffee a day. And how about you? Do you drink a lot of coffee?’

‘Yes, I do. I drink at least seven cups a day.’

‘Seven cups! That is a lot of coffee. I drink a lot, but you drink more!’

‘Yes, I agree. I drink a lot of coffee. Maybe I drink too much coffee. I don’t know.’

‘That’s OK. We can have one more cup together now. Will you make the coffee, or will I make the coffee?’

‘I can make it. You can read your book. I am going to the kitchen now. I will be back as soon as possible.’

disturb /dɪˈstɜːb/ – rušiť, vyrušovať

as soon as possible – hneď ako to bude možné; čo najskôr