‘I think we will finish this in one or two hours.’

‘Well, I will need to go in about ten minutes.’

‘But we need to finish this thing today.’

‘I understand that. But I’m not staying here any longer. I need to leave shortly.’

‘Why can’t you stay longer?’


‘Because what?’

‘Because I have other things to do.’

‘Like what?’

‘What is this, an interrogation? I’m telling you that I have other things to do.’

‘OK, I was just asking. I am curious to know what can be so important that you cannot stay here a little longer and help me to finish this.’

‘I am here much longer than I should already! And I was here longer yesterday, and the day before yesterday.’

‘So you could stay here longer today as well.’

‘No. I couldn’t and I won’t. I’ll be here again on Monday to help you, but there are other people waiting for me and I can’t be late.’

‘OK, whatever. If you need to go, just go.’

interrogation /ɪnˌterəˈɡeɪʃn/ – výsluch, vypočúvanie

I have other things to do – mám iné veci na práci

curious /ˈkjʊəriəs/ – zvedavý

as well – tiež