‘Why are you here so early? The meeting starts at 13:30.’

‘I know, but the boss asked me to come earlier.’

‘Did he? Do you know why?’

‘He wants us to go through the report one last time.’

‘That’s strange. He never does that.’

‘No, he doesn’t. I think he is very nervous about this meeting.’

‘I agree. He called me three times yesterday to make sure that I had my presentation ready.’

‘And do you have it ready?’

‘Yes, of course, I do.’

‘So, why are you here so early?’

‘Mary asked me to help her with something. I agreed to come and help her before the meeting starts.’

‘It’s very kind of you.’

‘Yes, Mary said the same thing.’

‘OK, I’m going to talk to the boss now. He is expecting me eagerly, I am sure. He wants me to be there on time.’

‘OK, go on. Talk to you later.’

‘See you.’

go through – prejsť si niečo

one last time – ešte posledný raz

make sure – ubezpečiť sa

eagerly /ˈiːɡəli/ – dychtivo, netrpezlivo