‘Who was that?’

‘It was John, my brother-in-law.’

‘Oh, OK. Does he call you often?’

‘No, he doesn’t. He only calls me when he needs something.’

‘So, he called you because he needed something?’

‘Yes, he needs my help.’

‘What does he need from you?’

‘He is painting his house this weekend. So he called me and asked: Can you come this weekend? Can you help me with painting?’

‘And what did you tell him?’

‘I told him: Of course. I will come and help you. It’s no problem for me.’

‘It is very nice of you. Do you always help your brother-in-law?’

‘Yes, I do. And he always helps me. Last year I painted my house. And I needed his help. So I asked him for help.’

‘And did he come? Did your brother-in-law help you?’

‘Yes, of course. He came and he helped me, too.’

‘So you help him and he helps you.’

‘That’s correct. We always help each other. We are family.’