‘Did you see Mary?’

‘Yes, I did. But she’s not here now.’

‘Why? Where did she go?’

‘I don’t know where she went. She didn’t tell me anything. But she asked me to give this to you.’

‘What is it?’

‘I have no idea. She left it here for you. She told me to be careful. She told me not to shake with the box.’

‘Did she? OK, so there must be something fragile inside. Maybe some Bohemian crystal glass.’

‘Or a bomb!’





angry Mary with exploded bomb in the background - Sparrow's English Reader - Level 2 English for beginners
angry Mary / blog: L-2: Dialogues 10

fragile /ˈfrædʒaɪl/ – jemné; ľahko robiteľné/zlomiteľné (napr. sklo)