‘Can I ask you something?’

‘Of course!’

‘Where did you buy your shoes?’

‘My shoes? I bought them in one little shop. It is on the other side of the city. Do you like them?’

‘Yes, I like them very much. Were they expensive? How much were they?’

‘They were about €90. I can’t remember exactly. But I think it was a fair price.’

‘Why do you think so? Why do you think that it was a fair price?’

‘Because good shoes are expensive. And these are very good shoes. They look nice and they are very comfortable.’

‘It’s good to know that they are comfortable. It is very important for me. And I really like their design. Do you think that they still have them in that shop?’

‘I think so. Maybe they don’t have the same colour, but I am sure that they still have the shoes.’

‘Great! I will go there next weekend and buy them, too.’

‘Why next weekend? You should go there as soon as possible. Many people liked these shoes. And many people bought them. You should hurry up! Or they will sell all those shoes to other people.’

‘Oh, OK. I didn’t think about that! I will go there this afternoon. Thanks for your advice!’


You should hurry up! – Mal by si sa ponáhľať!

Anytime! – hocikedy, kedykoľvek