‘Where is Judy?’

‘I don’t know. She was here five minutes ago. Why are you looking for her?’

‘I just need to talk to her about something.’

‘Maybe I can help you…’

‘I don’t think so. It is not about work. I need to talk to her about something personal.’

‘I understand. I’m sure you will meet her later. I know that she is in the building.’

‘Good. I will call her on her mobile phone shortly.’

‘OK. But now that you are here, maybe you could help me with something.’

‘Sure, I’ll try. What is it?’

‘It’s about this new machine which we bought two months ago. Do you know which machine I’m talking about?’

‘Yes, of course. What’s wrong with it?’

‘Peter said that the cooling equipment isn’t working properly. He says that we need to buy some spare parts. He also told me which, but I do not know this machine very well. I just want to make sure that I buy the correct spare part. Could you have a look at it, please?’

‘Sure, I can do that for you. Is it urgent? How soon do you need it?’

‘No, it isn’t urgent. I have two weeks for this, but I want to buy it as soon as possible.’

‘I see. No problem. Could you please send it to my email and I will have a look at it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Is that OK for you?’

‘That’s perfect! I will send you all the details in a few minutes. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it!’

‘No worries. I’m always happy to help!’

shortly /ˈʃɔːtli/ – zakrátko, čoskoro

But now that you are here… – ale keď si už tu…

cooling equipment /ˈkuːlɪŋ ɪˈkwɪpmənt/ – chladiace zariadenie

properly /ˈprɒpəli/ – správne; tak ako to má byť; správnym spôsobom

spare part /ˌspeə ˈpɑːt/ – náhradný diel

make sure – ubezpečiť (sa)

as soon as possible – hneď ako to bude možné

appreciate /əˈpriːʃieɪt/ – oceniť (dobré vlastnosti, pomoc, atď)