‘Excuse me, sir!’

‘Sorry, I don’t have any spare change.’

‘Don’t worry. I am not asking for money. I need a piece of advice, that’s all.’

‘OK, I hope I can help you. What would you need?’

‘I am new to this city. I and my friends, who are standing over there, want to visit a nice pub. Do you know any good pub near here?’

‘Yes, I know a few.’

‘Great! Which one would you recommend to us?’

‘It depends on what you like.’

‘We like good beer. We prefer beer from a local brewery. If there is such a pub, we will go there.’

‘Yes, of course. Actually, there are two pubs near here, which serve their own beer. One of them is with live music, but the food is not the best there. The other one has great food and very good beer, but there is no music there at all. Which one would you prefer to go to?’

‘It doesn’t matter. Either is good for us. We are not planning to eat anything.’

‘OK. So, the one with the music is just round the corner, over there. It is called “Drunken Guitar”.’

‘Wonderful! We’ll go there. But please, could you tell me the name of the other one, just in case we don’t like this one.’

‘Sure. The other one is called “Hungry Bear” and it is in the opposite direction. It takes about five minutes to get there from here.’

‘Many thanks for your help! I think we’ll try both of them tonight.’

‘No problem. Have a great night out!’

spare change – (nepotrebné) drobné peniaze

serve /sɜːv/ – podávajú, ponúkajú (v zmysle: predávajú)

round the corner – za rohom

just in case – len pre istotu; len pre prípad, že…