‘Where were you last weekend?’

‘Why are you asking? Did something bad happen during the weekend?’

‘No, nothing bad happened. I just want to know how you spent your weekend. That’s all. Did you spend it with your family?’

‘No, I didn’t spend the weekend with my family. I spent it with my good friends.’

‘Last month you went on a trip to the mountains with some friends. Are these the same friends?’

‘Yes, these are the same people. But this weekend, we didn’t go on a trip. We stayed here in the city.’

‘Nice. And did you spend the whole weekend together?’

‘No, we didn’t. We spent only Saturday together. On Friday I stayed at home and watched TV and on Sunday I slept a little longer and read my book in the afternoon because the weather wasn’t nice.’

‘OK. And what did you do with your friends on Saturday?’

‘I will tell you some other time, OK? I don’t have much time to talk right now.’

‘Sure, no problem. I’ll talk to you some other time.

some other time – niekedy inokedy