‘I’m sorry that I am a little late.’

‘No problem. You are only 5 minutes late. Did you miss your bus?’

‘No, I didn’t miss the bus. I met a friend and we talked a little. And I forgot about the time.’

‘OK. I understand. Is he a good friend? I mean – do you meet often?’

‘He is a good friend, but we do not meet very often now. He is my friend from the elementary school.’

‘And why don’t you meet very often? Does he live here, in our city?’

‘No, he doesn’t. And that’s the problem. He moved abroad and now he lives in UK. He has a job there and his family.’

‘But you met him here, in our city!’

‘Yes. He comes here twice or three times a year. He comes because he wants to visit his parents.’

‘Ah, I see now. So he is here for holiday.’

‘Yes. And I met him on my way here. We talked a little about the old days.’

‘Is he staying here for many days?’

‘No, this is his last day here. He is flying back to UK tomorrow morning. He has to go to the airport very early in the morning.’