Laura was at the bus stop. Her bus was late and there were many people at the bus stop now. They all waited for the bus. Laura thought ‘When all these people get on the bus, there will be place for me.’ And then she thought: ‘I don’t want to wait for next bus.’

And so she went closer to the road. Now she will get on the bus first!

The people around her talked together about various things. But some of these people talked in German. Laura couldn’t understand anything. She couldn’t speak in German. But she liked the sound of German language.

She thought: ‘I can speak English a little bit. I cannot understand everything, but I can understand something. And I can talk a little bit in English, too. It’s time to learn something new. I will learn German!’

And so Laura decided to learn German. Suddenly she saw a bus. When the bus came closer, Laura found out that it was not her bus. She made a few steps back because she didn’t want to get on this bus.

When the bus stopped, many people got off the bus. They got off and went away. Most of the people at the bus stop got on this bus. The people who spoke in German got on this bus, too. Now Laura couldn’t listen to the German language.

A few minutes later, Laura’s bus arrived. ‘Finally!’ she thought and got on. She took a seat at the window. The driver closed the door and the bus moved. On the next bus stop, there was a group of small children with two teachers. She saw them through the window.

When the door opened, the children and their teachers got on the bus. They were very noisy. They talked a lot and they talked very loudly. And…. they talked in French.

‘How is this possible?’ Laura thought. ‘They are so small and they can speak French.’ She looked at the teachers. They wore the same T-shirts. On their T-shirts there was written: International French School.

Now Laura understood. They were students of a French school. So they had French teachers and they talked in French every day. Laura listened to the children and she listened to the teachers. The French language was so beautiful.

Laura thought: ‘I will learn French!’

decide /dɪˈsaɪd/ – rozhodnúť sa

step /step/ – krok

Most of – väčšina z

loudly /ˈlaʊdli/ – hlasno