‘What are you doing? Let me guess: you’re sitting at the computer again!’

‘Yes, I am. Why not? It is the weekend. I don’t need to go to school and I already vacuumed the rooms. So now, I can sit and play my games, can’t I?’

‘Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t. You are spending too much time on your computer. You should spend some of your time outside.’

‘But what is there to do outside? All of my friends are online now. None of them is outside. We all are sitting at home and playing together now.’

‘So why don’t you call them and ask them to go out with you? You can play football or something there together.’

‘They don’t like playing football. Actually, they don’t like playing anything. They don’t do any sport. And I cannot play football on my own.’

‘Well, then you should go out on your own. You don’t need to play football to get out and breathe some fresh air.’

‘I know, I know.’

‘I’m glad you know. So tell your friends that you are going out. Maybe some of them will join you.’

‘And if they don’t?’

‘If they don’t go out with you, just ignore them. Turn that thing off, hop on your bike and off you go! I don’t want to see you at home for at least three hours!’

vacuum /ˈvækjuːm/ – vysávať

actually /ˈæktʃuəli/ – vlastne

on my own – sám