‘When is the meeting starting?’

‘I think it is set for 5:30pm, but they want us to be there at least 30 minutes earlier.’

‘Thirty minutes earlier? You’re joking!’

‘No, I’m not. I don’t know why they want us to come there so early. I don’t like it.’

‘No, I don’t like it either. Something’s up. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.’

‘I agree. Well, we’ll see what the problem is, when we get there.’

‘Is Jerry coming to the meeting as well?’

‘Yes, I believe he is.’

‘Does he know that we should be there thirty minutes before the meeting starts?’

‘I’m not sure. Do you think that I should call him?’

‘Yes, you should call him to let him know about the change. It was new information for me too. I didn’t know that we should be there 30 minutes earlier until you told me.’

‘No worries. I’ll give him a call in ten minutes. I’m in the middle of something and I need to finish it first.’

‘Is it something for the meeting?’

‘No, it isn’t. It is something for tomorrow. I don’t want to stay here after the meeting. I want to go home.’

‘So do I… OK, I’ll go now. See you at the meeting.’

otherwise /ˈʌðəwaɪz/ – inak

Otherwise it doesn’t make sense – Inak to nedáva zmysel.


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