“Hello Mary. Is Dan here, please? I need to speak to him about something.”

“No, he isn’t, I’m afraid. He left half an hour ago.”

“Where did he go? Did he say?”

“I don’t know where he went. He didn’t tell me.”

“OK. Do you know when he is coming back?”

“Yes, he told me that. He will be back in about two hours. Would you like me to tell him something, when he comes back?”

“Yes, please. Could you ask him to call me back immediately.”

“Do you want him to call you, or do you want him to come to your office and talk to you there?”

“I will not be in my office. I need to leave in half an hour. So please, ask him to call me, OK?”

“Sure, no problem. I will tell him that you were here and that you want him to call you back.”


“Immediately, of course. I will tell him that too.”

“Is there anything else that I should tell him?”

“No, there isn’t. Thank you. That would be all.”

I’m afraid – bohužiaľ;