“Come on! We need to hurry up!”

“Why? How much time do we have?”

“We have about 10 minutes. We need to catch this bus or we will miss the train.”

“Last time we went later. And we didn’t miss the train.”

“Yes, but last time, we took a different train. We really need to hurry up!”

“OK, OK. I am almost ready. Do you have the keys?”

“Yes, I do. I also have the money and I have the train tickets. We can go.”

“Wait a second. I almost forgot my mobile phone. You know that I cannot live without it!”

“Yes, I know that. Your phone is your life. Do you have everything now?”

“I think so.”

“Good. So put on your shoes and let’s go! I hope that we won’t miss the train…”

“Don’t worry, we won’t miss it.”

“Just stop talking and let’s go!”

hurry up /ˈhʌri ʌp/- ponáhľať sa

miss the train – zmeškať vlak

almost /ˈɔːlməʊst/ – takmer

put on the shoes – obuť sa