That the things are getting worse by day for many people living in UK is becoming clear in many ways. One of them is the number of pets which their owners are bringing to animal shelters.


Various animal charities are saying that there has been an increase of about 30% in the number of cats and dogs being returned by their owners recently. They say that such an increase is really extreme. Allegedly, the last time it was this bad was after 2008 financial crisis.

Many people are leaving their animals abandoned on the road or they call the nearest animal shelter in order to get rid of their pets. When asked why they are bringing their cats and dogs in to the shelter, most people say that they are doing it because of financial reasons. They say they simply cannot afford to pay for their food and vet bills.

Things are getting tough in UK because of the high inflation, which is now expected to reach 15% by the end of this year. Prices are going through the roof on most items of daily use and many common people are having troubles to survive until another payday.

Charities are already warning that with the rising inflation in food and energy costs, millions of people in UK are (allegedly) expected to fall into poverty this coming winter.

In other words, the rainy days are coming. If you don’t believe us, you can ask them cats and dogs.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs – leje ako z krhly;

getting worse by day – sú každým dňom horšie a horšie

animal shelter /ˈænɪml ˈʃeltə(r)/ – zvierací útulok

abandoned /əˈbændənd/ – opustený

get rid of – zbaviť sa (niekoho, niečoho)

afford /əˈfɔːd/ – môcť si niečo dovoliť

tough /tʌf/ – drsný, ťažký, náročný

going through the roof – (ceny) idú do nebies

poverty /ˈpɒvəti/ – chudoba