Do you like candies? Good!

Allegedly… One company in Canada is offering an interesting job position – Chief Candy Officer.

Your job will be to eat candies. A lot of candies. You need to eat 113 candies every day. Allegedly, you will get a salary of $100,000 Canadian dollars per year.

candies, level 1 news at Sparrow's English Reader, Jan Vrabec
Level 1 News blog / Now You Can Eat Candies for Money

Oh, and you will get a stamp. You will eat a candy, and when you like it, you will put a stamp on this product. It will mean, that the candy is very good. Who knows, maybe you will like all 113 candies and put 113 stamps on them every day. That’s a lot of candies and a lot of stamps.

But you need to hurry up! Allegedly, 6,500 people already want this job. And also, you will need to move and live in Canada, or North America.

And please, don’t worry about your teeth. The company said that they will pay for your dentist.

We hope you’ll get the job. Fingers crossed!

allegedly /əˈledʒɪdli/ – údajne;

candy /ˈkændi/ – cukrík

offer /ˈɒfə(r)/ – ponúkať

salary /ˈsæləri/ – plat

stamp /stæmp/ – tu: pečiatka;

Fingers crossed! – držíme palce