Somewhere in America, a group of young boys (aged 13) decided to go swimming to a nearby river. They always go to the same place, so this was not their first time.

So they came to their usual place and went to the water and swam and played their water games. Suddenly, they noticed that one of the boys was not there. They started calling his name. They looked around, but they could not see him. They were scared.

They all went out of the river and looked for him on the riverbank, but he wasn’t there. They quickly called their parents and the police. Many people came and looked for the boy, but nobody could see him.

Only four days later, someone found him far away from the place, where they went to swim. When they found him, he was dead. The boy drowned in the river.

Everybody was very sad, especially his parents. He was a young and nice boy. Everybody liked him.

His friends were completely shocked. They said: “He was a great friend. We all liked him and we miss him very much. We cannot believe that we won’t meet him at school in September.”

drown /draʊn/ – utopiť

Suddenly /ˈsʌdənli/ – odrazu

scared /skeəd/ – vystrašený

riverbank /ˈrɪvəbæŋk/ – breh rieky

completely /kəmˈpliːtli/ – úplne, celkom

believe /bɪˈliːv/ – veriť