In Lahore, Pakistan, there lives a woman. Her name is Meerab. During the day, she studies at school for Fashion Designers. She has to learn a lot of things, and she also has to make some things for the school as her homework.

A foundation in Pakistan pays for her school, but she needs more money. Her mother is sick and she needs to buy medicine every month. Also, Meerab needs money so that she can do her homework and make things for the school project. So she needs to buy some materials, tools, etc.

Meerab doesn’t have any free time during the day, because she has to go to school and learn and help her mother. But she has a job! Meerab works at night. She rides a motorcycle and brings KFC food to people who order it. She sleeps only very little.

People in Pakistan noticed her, because it is not very usual to see a woman on the motorbike at night. In Asia, many women work only at home. They do not have many jobs and they do not make money. Now it is changing a little bit. That’s the reason why people noticed Meerab. Because she is a woman and she brings food to people during night.

Meerab says that the job is not a problem for her. She likes riding motorbikes. It is her hobby and she is happy that she can make some money in this way.

After school, Meerab wants to start her own fashion brand and have a little business.

People on the internet like her story and write many nice things about her on the social media.

foundation /faʊnˈdeɪʃn/ – (tu) nadácia

so that – aby

tool /tuːl/ – nástroj

make money – zarábať peniaze

That’s the reason why… – To je ten dôvod, prečo…

in this way – týmto spôsobom

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