Allegedly, US House speaker Nancy Pelosi is on board her plane to Asia for her Asian tour with a plan to make a stop-over in Taiwan.

To go to Taiwan from an Asian country, she would board a US military plane and fly to Taiwan with an escort of US jets.

China call this an outright provocation and promise to treat such a move as an invasion of Chinese territory. They openly claim their right to intercept such a military escort with their own jets.

Allegedly, Pentagon asked Pelosi to cancel her visit to Taiwan. She has not cancelled it yet, so US is moving their ships to the area.

Meanwhile, on July 31st, China is holding live-fire military drills near Taiwan as a clear message to US. Allegedly, Chinese ministry of defense published a message: “Let’s prepare for war!” on one of their social media accounts.

Allegedly, the Chinese are moving three of their state-of-the-art warships to the Taiwan area. Allegedly, the Americans are doing the same.

Pelosi is on the plane. The Chinese are loading their planes.

Meanwhile, the Chinese social media is circulating a picture of the archduke Franz Ferdinand. The message is clear to all, even to Pentagon… except to Mrs. Pelosi. She is on the plane, so perhaps her phone is off…


stop-over – medzipristátie

jet – stíhačka

outright provocation – otvorená provokácia

intercept /ˌɪntəˈsept/ – prerušiť, zmariť

live-fire military drills – vojenské cvičenia s ostrou muníciou

state-of-the-art – najmodernejší (ohľadom techológií and vedeckých poznatkov)