The Spanish officials claim that Shakira did not pay the tax (€14.5 million) on her income between 2012-2014. They offered Shakira a deal to pay up the taxes, but she refused to pay. Now the officials want to send Shakira to prison for 8 years.

Shakira claims that she is innocent and she feels confident that she will win the trial. She says that she was on singing competition between 2013-2014 and that she earned her money from international tours. She only moved to Spain in 2015 and paid all her taxes there.

The court in Barcelona refused to drop the charges against her. The date of the trial is not scheduled yet, but we are sure that Shakira is ready to have her fight “Whenever, Wherever”.

We hold our fingers crossed for her to prove her innocence.

claim /kleɪm/ – tvrdiť

tax /tæks/ – daň

income /ˈɪnkʌm/ – príjem

pay up – doplatiť

refuse /rɪˈfjuːz/ – odmietnuť

innocent /ˈɪnəsnt/ – nevinný

confident /ˈkɒnfɪdənt/ – sebaistý, byť si istý vlastnými schopnosťami niečo zvládnuť

trial /ˈtraɪəl/ – súd (t.j. súdny process)

court /kɔːt/ – súd (t.j. orgán, inštitúcia)

drop the charges – zrušiť obvinenie

prove /pruːv/ – dokázať (= dôkazmi presvedčiť)