After continuous rocket fire last night, both from Gaza and Israel sides, there are at least 50 people dead and hundreds of people injured. International reports say that 50 people were killed only in Gaza, some of them were children.

According to Gaza’s health ministry, among the 50 killed people, there were 14 children, and 3 women. About 320 people are injured.

On Israeli side, they say 5 people have been killed during this week.

The Israel army say that among the people killed in Gaza, 16 were Hamas’ soldiers and officers, perhaps even generals.

After Israel bombed and destroyed 13-floor building in Gaza, Hamas fired more than one hundred rockets against Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Hamas’ soldiers will pay a “heavy price”.

Some say that the situation is serious and it is similar to the beginning of 2014 Gaza war.

UN is also asking both Israel and Gaza to stop the fire. If they do not stop the fire, there can be a full war in the region. The war in Gaza would be devastating and the ordinary people would pay for it.

Israeli tanks are moving to Gaza border now.

*for pictures and short videos, please visit Zerohedge

injured /ˈɪndʒəd/ – zranený

devastating /ˈdevəsteɪtɪŋ/ – zničujúci

ordinary /ˈɔːdnri/ – obyčajný

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