Japan is going to extend their state of emergency in Tokyo and other three areas. They want to stop the rise in infections. The Olympics should start in less than 80 days.

The economy mister,Yasutoshi Nishimura, admitted that the targeted measures from last month, did not stop the rise in infections.

Restaurants with alcohol and big shops are closed. Other shops should close at 8pm every day.

People should not go out, if they do not have to, but many people cannot or do not want to stay home.

Japan has reported 620,000 infections since the start of the pandemic. It is true that the number of cases has been smaller recently, but they think that it is so, because there have been fewer tests than usual.

‘When we look at it from different angles, I think that we need to extend the state of emergency,’ said Tokyo’s governor.

Osaka has no free hospital beds for patients with serious symptoms and is in “quite a dangerous situation.”

Suga, the prime minister, has been criticized for his response to the latest wave of Covid infections. People also think that he is responsible for slow vaccination, which began in the middle of February. The vaccination was poorly planned and now the result is that they have not vaccinated all medical workers yet. The government is only starting to vaccinate people of age 65 and older.

So far, the government have accepted only Pfizer vaccine for the use in the country. So far 2.2% of the population has been vaccinated. They still have 24 million vaccines ready for use.

Recently, Pfizer and International Olympic Committee [IOC] have agreed to offer vaccinations to those athletes who will take part in the summer Olympic Games, and cannot get the vaccine in their home country.

There has been a rise in number of people who want to cancel this year’s Olympic games. Two days ago, they started a petition on the internet to cancel the Games, and so far, 200,000 people have signed it.

IOC and Tokyo 2020 organizers have agreed that the sport fans from abroad will not attend the Games. Next month, they will decide whether the Japanese sports fans can attend or not.

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extend /ɪkˈstend/ – predĺžiť

state of emergency /steɪt əv ɪˈmɜːdʒənsi/ – núdzový stav

rise in /raɪz in/ – nárast (čoho, v čom)

admit /ədˈmɪt/ – pripustiť; priznať

targeted measures /ˈtɑːɡɪtɪd ˈmeʒə(r)/ – cielené opatrenia

angle /ˈæŋɡl/ – uhol

So far – zatiaľ; doposiaľ

take part in – zúčastniť sa; podieľať sa na

attend /əˈtend/ – navštevovať; zúčastniť sa, byť prítomný