Dear friends,

This is to inform you, I have now refreshed the look of the English Blog page, to change and upgrade the basic design it has had so far. I have mostly had in mind its appearance and functionality on the mobile phone, since, I believe, it is the most convenient way of visiting the website for the most of you.

Equally, in light of your suggestions for the change of the fonts, I have done so, and introduced a more simple fonts both for the heading and articles, to increase its readability. I hope you find it more convenient and easier to read compared to your experience with the previously used writing fonts.

Next Project

Furthermore, I should also like to inform you of the fact that I have started creating a new module, under the working name of Project School, which I intend to dedicate to those who are still in an early stage of their English learning. More details will be provided when the project is ready to go live.

Thank you !