Dear Friends,

I am happy to inform you that I have now created a new page NEWS, to be found in our main MENU.

Here I will be posting any announcements regarding the changes done to the website, as well as any news related to the English language teaching, per our commitment to help you progress in your own learning. All the new information of this nature will be listed under section News & Events.

Furthermore, I would like to bring to your attention another section on this page, that is – World News for Advances Learners, which I have created as a point of reference where those with sufficient level of English can put all they know in practice and expand their vocabulary and expressions of modern English through reading of the selected news or articles.

Here I’d like to point out to you the fact that the suggested reading links may not be updated on daily basis, as the intended purpose is not to supply you with the fresh news every day. Also, the updated list of suggested news will not be posted on my facebook page, so please, if interested, simply check this web page occasionally for updated links.

I hope this little change will make your experience with the website more enjoyable and that it will help you on your way of self-education.