I have always felt this general dislike for social networks of any kind and apart from the very few apps on my mobile phone, I have never ventured any further. I have never felt the need for it. And while I’ve been a regular reader of various blogs and websites, never have I even dreamt of setting one up myself. But here I am.

Prompted by quite numerous requests from my very kind students to establish my presence in the cyber space, I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it.

Initially, the sole reason for my doing so was simply to create a point of contact both for those looking to improve upon their skills in the English language and those to whom I have the honour of having been referred and who wished to obtain some basic information about who I am and what I do. By mere going of this website live, that first goal has been fulfilled.

As it happens ever so often with anything intended to be small and simple, in the process of my working on this project with the aforementioned objective in my mind, I came to rethink its original purpose, and decided to extend upon it with two other goals, if for nothing else, then for the sheer pleasure of challenge.

Goal 1

I do not intend to turn this website into another English teaching space on the internet in the sense of explaining various grammatical points or phrases relating to the learning process of the language. I’d rather think of this place as an opportunity to provide (my) students who have acquired the necessary knowledge in the English language with some reading material, in the form of blogs, where they could put into practice the grammar newly learnt, and thus through reading solidify their general understanding of English in the scope of what they have been taught during our joint lessons. This leaves me with no need to restrict myself in the choice of themes for my blogs, most of which I’d plan to present in English of Upper-Intermediate to Advance level. I might present a few opinions concerning the English language teaching/learning, but will not furnish the reader with the grammar, which can be obtained far more efficiently from so many grammar books already. The subjects presented may vary, but, as I am sure, over some time a more definite pattern will emerge, in which case I might redefine the focus of this first goal of mine.

Be that as it may, the main aspect of this website is that, with the exception of the first two blogs and my “About” page intended for the new learners in my home country, it shall be written exclusively in English, both for the benefit of my existing and past students and my personal wish to reach out to the global audience. Which the latter point leads us directly to our Goal #2.

Goal 2

Teaching mostly students of lower levels, I never really have much opportunity to practise more complex structures. Thus I am also looking at this project from the point of my personal effort to grow and learn and use what I have learnt. I hope to take some space to apply myself in my writings at the level which is possibly out of reach to many of my students, but to which I really want them to aspire. What shape and form this last goal will take or how I shall set it apart from the goal#1, I can only guess now. But that all belongs to the challenge I have accepted, once I brought myself to start this web.

And last but not least, there are so many new things concerning the technicalities of the web-building and its potentials that I wish to spend some of my time to improve in this respect as well, effects of which endeavour should be quite visible both to my dedicated and occasional readers in the form of experimenting with visual changes applied to this little site of ours. I shall only use what I can figure out myself, I promise.

In one year’s time, if still around, I will use this very same space to evaluate my current resolutions and appreciate the future achievements and/or failures as they will have come along.

Wish me good luck!